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Benefits Of Replacing Your Toilet

  • Water conservation
  • The most important benefit of replacing an old toilet is saving water. Older toilets used almost 6-7 gallons of water per flush. If you still have such a toilet, you are using too much water and your monthly utility bills will be really high. Replacing the old pot with a newer toilet that has an effective mechanism for saving water, and where flushing uses just about 1.30 gallons of water each time, will make a huge difference in your monthly budget, along with helping the environment.

    1. Less repairs

    If your toilet is old, it may need frequent repairs for problems such as clogging, leaks, cracks or over-flowing. These minor issues, if gone unchecked can cause major damage to your bathroom floor or even the room below if the bathroom is on the first floor. Constantly getting a plumber to fix these glitches will prove costly. You may also not be able to use the toilet temporarily until the problem has been solved.
    In such a case, it is best to replace the toilet and save you the energy spent in trying to unclog the toilet and mop the floors or the expenditure on repairs.

    1. Comfort

    Newer toilets are of different dimensions and sizes, that are way more comfortable than the older ones. They are slightly higher and larger, especially helpful for senior citizens or tall people in the house. For something that is used every day, it is worth investing in the comfort of your family members and guests. Also, the new toilets are available in sizes suitable for any bathroom, helping you save space as well.

    1. Better appearance

    Older models of toilets can make your bathroom look really outdated, even if the rest of your house is styled in a sophisticated, elegant fashion. Owing to the colors and sizes of these old pots, they look out of place in modern bathrooms.
    Replacing your toilet can increase the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom and make it classy and pleasing to even look at.

    1. Value increase

    Research has shown that homes that have beautiful bathrooms get sold more easily than those with out-dated toilets and that too at a higher price. This proves that replacing your toilet, greatly increases the value of your house. Choosing a new toilet to install will give a fresh, contemporary appeal to your home, in line with the rest of the house.]]>

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