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Refresh Your Kitchen This Summer

Summer Shake Up! With the sun, just around the corner, waiting to beam its way through your dusty blinds (well hopefully) and the lighter evenings lending itself to a cheeky soiree or two, you may be looking around your kitchen and thinking how the dark, winter nights have hidden some slightly lack lustre surroundings. Popping a bit of zing back into this well used room can seem an expensive, disruptive task but there are many simple ways to cheer up your chopping and bling your baking up without hiring costly contractors. Perfect Painting Choose a durable kitchen/bathroom paint and by sticking to neutral colours you can accessorise with some brilliant, brighter items If you’ve a more contemporary kitchen already encompassing lots of stainless steel then a feature, brighter coloured wall can add that extra touch of pizazz. Darker wood kitchens would benefit by plaint white or a pale cream. Coloured walls can enclose the kitchen further so choose carefully and purchase some tester pots it necessary. Simple Scrub Spending just a few hours with sleeves rolled up, gloves on and cleaning cloth in hand can turn your kitchen around swiftly. Start at the top by vacuuming those cobwebbed corners and work your way down scrubbing the walls and tiles. Find places for your work top debris and to-do lists and clean those work surfaces and cupboards fronts…you’ll be amazed at the difference! Bake-Off Cookers can be the centre point of most kitchens and subject to some brutal treatment. If you’re feeling adventurous there are many products on the market to get this work horse gleaming again (although it can be time consuming). Alternatively, from around £50 you can take the stress and hassle out of this somewhat greasy job. Your chosen task master can transform your cooker in just a couple of hours. Drawers ‘n’ All! Replacement kitchen doors and drawers is another simple, yet effective way to transform your kitchen. Without having to remove cumbersome carcasses from their positions a plethora of choices are available on-line and in-store by just removing old drawer and cupboard fronts. There are hundreds of designs and styles to suit everyone’s needs. is one example of where to purchase affordable finishes for replacement kitchen doors and drawers and finishes include: • Laminates • Veneers • Traditional • Solid woods • Stainless steel Work Your Way Up Finally, changing your dowdy work surface will spruce up your preparation areas. These too are available in many designs to match paintwork and unit fronts and are available in varying thicknesses and widths so measure up carefully and… Refresh YOUR kitchen this summer!]]>

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