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What are the best drill brands?

About Makita Drills

It is a combination of efficient battery, high speed, and reliable torque. The drill utilizes the extreme protection technology that offers protection when working on high resistant materials. The Makita batteries, charge very fast. It could take at least 30 minutes to get them fully charged. It is engineered to offer great versatility from materials like me masonry works, steel metal, and wood.

The 480lbs coupled with the soft rubber grip ensures that you enjoy the job while working with the drill. The machine is tailored to automatically resist drill related effects of heat. Drill work can be complicated if you cannot reverse the drill. This is taken care of by the Makita reversible belt clips.


  • It is available in various designs which present the consumer with variety to choose from
  • Being that it weighs 3.9 lbs., It offers on work protection from fatigue. The drill also takes care of the surface resistance issues by the application of resistant technology
  • It is adaptable to different kinds of work environments
  • The Makita tool case is a safety sore for your device

The hammer drill often slips out due to repeated pounding.
The machine does not give good results when used on concrete.
The drive produces study sounds sometimes.
The Makita charger cooling fan is noisy
It is a bit heavy.

About Milwaukee Drills

It presents a comfortable but powerful drill that provides long-lasting drill service
spinning at 1850RPMS, this model produces high power ratings. Despite the low speed of charge, its battery life lasts longer than other drills. The 650 pounds per inch produce high levels of torque. On the other hand, the metal chunk gives room for retention of drill bits, maximum safe grip, and durability. The red lithium batteries have an extended battery life that makes this drill simply economical. The battery level is closely monitored by the fuel gauge.


  • High quality long lasting battery
  • High torque ratings
  • Easily adaptable.


  • At 5 pounds, the drill is heavy for use in normal drilling operations
  • The fact that the battery takes long to charge may cause inconveniences
  • May not be suitable for small drilling works
  • Defective red lithium batteries mare expensive to replace

These drills have been made to offer the fair environment that you can have while drilling. Working with a drill calls to making the right choice of the drill to work with. You do not have to worry about the right choice; these brands will provide you all that you need to get the job done. For more cordless drill reviews visit Top Tool Guide. Keep enjoying the power and increased efficiency from this powerful tools.


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