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Chlorine Choice – Children's pool Options for your Conscientious Buyer

For the buyer who’s becoming alert to the dangers of chlorine, alternative children’s pool options are getting to be increasingly on top of the radar. Recent studies in the usa and elsewhere are finding links between experience of chlorine inside pools, and also asthma, stillbirths, start defects, and also lung injury! When Not long ago i went to research chlorine alternative children’s pool solutions, I was met with various options, all claiming being the answer to the problem.

I furthermore found that there are very tiny agreement in what is the better real choice option! I do believe this actually leaves consumers in the bind-clearly, in case you are concerned concerning your family’s well being, you’re not trying to find 15 diverse sources, who all inform you that such-and-such an alternative might work-you’re trying to find 1 or 2 sources that will confidently inform you what will continue to work! A lot’s riding with this, after almost all: if you are looking for an choice, the pegs are the family’s well being, as properly as your bank account! This ‘s I feel starting this kind of site-to make an effort to provide a lot more definitive, and better-digested information on the subject.

Here, first of all, is a listing of what I’ve found so significantly.

Ozone Turbines

Of every one of the chlorine alternative children’s pool options mentioned inside the dozens regarding articles My partner and i researched, one of the most attention visits ozonation methods. They perform by pumping the lake through ozone, or perhaps O3. Ozone acts with virtually any organic compounds which it comes in contact with, destroying these. (Here is the same thing that takes place with chlorine, by the particular way-but whilst it acts by releasing several toxic ingredients, ozone acts by creating… oxygen! )#)

Ozone technology provides three with the four necessary traits of your pool sanitization method. The only 1 they will not provide, will be protection coming from algae. Although algae will be natural, rather than generally regarded harmful, it’s a great aesthetic issue-and that is why, pools which can be outdoors require some kind of algaecide to fit the power with the ozone technology. All with the half dozen roughly articles I keep reading this subject mentioned using any trace level of chlorine-perhaps a single tenth with the normal amount-to handle this challenge.

Ozone continues to be used regarding sanitizing private pools in Europe for decades, even around the Olympic size children’s pool level. Yet here, it really is still regarded “new, inches or “experimental”. It really is, however, getting in reputation.

Ultraviolet Rays

There was way less information concerning ultraviolet, despite the fact that several posts mentioned that. Basically just what they said could possibly be summed upwards as: (1) that works which is very benign; (a couple of) it really is new and wasn’t tried quite definitely. Basically, given that this is very similar to be able to ozone, which I do believe has a lot longer track document, a lots of the alternative folks are still using ozone.

Ionization (Birdwatcher, or Birdwatcher + Gold)

This technique involves the particular introduction regarding silver, or a variety of silver and also copper, and ionizing these kinds of metals in order to sterilize the lake. Again, this is mentioned a smaller amount, but those that did talk about it did actually fall in to the following a few camps: (1) some individuals said that works fantastic, and they will swear by it, (a couple of) some individuals who said it absolutely was just extremely expensive, and (3) the particular skeptics, which said that never really worked.

Salt Water Technology

Here will be another approach that got plenty of mixed critiques. This can be a device which you put salt into, plus it converts the particular salt directly into chlorine. Apparently popular in the particular Southwest, it absolutely was reported simply by some the odor as well as other perceptible outcomes of were a lesser amount of than with all the normal application with the chemical. Nonetheless, a variety of articles remarked that this has been still chlorine, so it absolutely was not seen as a real remedy. It appears like we will need more study, or a lot more first-hand recommendations, as to be able to how this technique works, and when people really do feel far better with this sort of system. Can it be really much healthier? (You should comment when you have an view. )#)


Bromine can be a more pricey chemical used as an option to chlorine, but is absolutely only known as slightly far better, and will be chemically virtually identical. Bromine is often used inside spas, and if you ask me, is much less unpleasant, but remains far coming from ideal.

Some other chemicals

There exists a “raft” regarding other chemical compounds (simply no pun designed! )#) in which various organizations advertise since chlorine alternative children’s pool solutions. Each of them seem to be effective by oxidation. The key complaint I learn about these coming from people has been, that they may be just extremely expensive.


I am hoping this write-up provided, at least, a beneficial summary with the various solutions.

If My partner and i were to be able to draw a single conclusion coming from my research up to now, it could be this: Of all chlorine alternative children’s pool options available currently, the the one that seems one of the most economical, trustworthy, and least-toxic, definitely sounds being an ozone power generator system.

Please feel absolve to comment with this article, and discuss your point of view on some of the options described!


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