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New Ways to Use Decorative Tiles in Home Designs

Tile and Decor Store in your local area. Take the time to browse the showcased tile designs and look also through home and garden magazine articles. Hexagon shaped tiles in fresh sea-green or blue shades are currently hot in kitchen backsplash designs trending now. While white and black are always a favorite go-to tile option, many leading designers are using blue-gray tones as a newer neutral that is softer overall. Tiles are also being used extensively in floors. Typically, these tiled floors are seen in kitchens and bathrooms. Having a tile pattern from the kitchen repeated somewhere in the bath is one way to harmonize your room to room decor scheme. Magnificent tile patterns are showing up in entryways as well. This is a terrific welcome spot that gives your guests a feel for your home. Before choosing tiles for a floor, determine how much effort that you are willing to put in for the maintenance and upkeep of your new tiled floor. The prices of tiles do vary greatly between material, color, pattern and size choices. It is possible to blend two or more complementary tile styles if the result blends into your perceived decor vision. Hiring an experienced tile contractor can ensure that your tile-work gets installed exactly how you envision it. Remember that some tiles are a bit fragile and would be unsuitable for heavily trafficked floor spaces, while others are crafted for this type of use. It is always best to at least consult with a tile expert before making the often large investment to ensure good results.]]>

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