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New Ways to Use Decorative Tiles in Home Designs

Tile and Decor Store in your local area. Take the time to browse the showcased tile designs and look also through home and garden magazine articles. Hexagon shaped tiles in fresh sea-green or blue shades are currently hot in kitchen backsplash designs trending now. While white and black are always a favorite go-to tile option, many leading designers are using blue-gray tones as a newer neutral that is softer overall. Tiles are also being used extensively in floors. Typically, these tiled floors are seen in kitchens and bathrooms. Having a tile pattern from the kitchen repeated somewhere in the bath is one way to harmonize your room to room decor scheme. Magnificent tile patterns are showing up in entryways as well. This is a terrific welcome spot that gives your guests a feel for your home. Before choosing tiles for a floor, determine how much effort that you are willing to put in for the maintenance and upkeep of your new tiled floor. The prices of tiles do vary greatly between material, color, pattern and size choices. It is possible to blend two or more complementary tile styles if the result blends into your perceived decor vision. Hiring an experienced tile contractor can ensure that your tile-work gets installed exactly how you envision it. Remember that some tiles are a bit fragile and would be unsuitable for heavily trafficked floor spaces, while others are crafted for this type of use. It is always best to at least consult with a tile expert before making the often large investment to ensure good results.]]>


How Often Should You Refinish Wood Floors?

If your home comes with beautiful wood floors, they’re going to remain a powerful asset whether you intend on selling or staying. Hardwood floors can drastically boost a home’s value, especially if they’re kept in great condition. Even if your wood floors end up suffering after a few years, refinishing hardwood floors can help perk up a tired, flawed, or damaged surface. But once you’ve had your floors refinished by N-Hance of Spokane, how long should you wait before doing a touch-up? Can you end up refinishing your floors too many times? Will excessive treatment end up hurting your floors rather than helping them stay in great condition? Luckily, your wood floors are durable and can withstand a lot of treatment. Still, it’s always good to know what’s best for your property in the long run. If you’re thinking about giving your hardwood floors another refinishing job, here’s what you should know.

You Can Refinish Your Floors Up to 6 Times

If you’re living in an older home or have seen your family take a huge toll on your hardwood floors in a short amount of time, you might want to think about refinishing your floors sooner rather than later. When it comes to refinishing, fortunately, you’ll be able to do the work about once every decade to keep your floors in amazing shape. While many homeowners don’t stay in the same home for upwards of 70 years, keeping your floors looking beautiful will definitely help boost your home’s value should you ever want or need to sell, and doing a quick, DIY refinishing job is way cheaper (and often more effective) than ripping up your beautiful old floors and starting from scratch. This goes double if your home has any sort of historical value. While the wood in an older home may not look great, chances are it’s extremely strong and durable. Older floors were made to last, so pulling up the boards should be a last resort. Your floors won’t suffer from over-refinishing as long as you’re sure to do it right. If you don’t trust yourself to do a good job on your own, put down the extra cash to hire a professional. You won’t regret it.

You Only Need to Do It Every 7 Years

If you’re worried about scuffing up your floors during the seven long years between refinishing jobs, don’t be. Refinishing your floors will effectively erase all the damage to your floorboards in just a few days’ work. When you refinish hardwood, you go through a process of sanding, buffing, and staining that will allow you to smooth out any imperfections or hard-to-clean stains on your floor. This means that short of a rotting or broken piece of wood, nothing is beyond fixing with a refinishing job. If you’re worried about taking better care of your floors in general, think about treating it with special cleaners (and cleaning more frequently) in the interim. Use a special wood cleaner like Murphy’s Wood Soap so your floor can retain its shine, and take care of scuff marks as they occur rather than waiting. That way, you won’t have to worry about preserving your floors after a fresh refinishing.

Using the Right Materials Will Help

Refinishing can be done at home using only a few household tools and a sanding machine, but make no mistake: It requires the right materials. While doing your own refinishing work shouldn’t end up costing you a ton of money, you shouldn’t skimp when it comes to purchasing the perfect wood stain or wax, especially if you’re refinishing outdoor wood floors that are bound to come in contact with water. The materials you use will work to seal your floor and protect it against rotting, warping, and moisture contact. That’s why you should always do your research before opting for the least expensive option. As with most home improvement jobs, looking into the best materials for the job is a key component of success.

You Can Repair Your Floor Without Refinishing It

If you’re dealing with floor issues and you’re not keen on the idea of doing a full-on refinishing job, try sanding down the specific area where you’re seeing damage. Sometimes it’s not necessary to do a huge home repair job in order to make your wood floors look their best. Try to clean your area by hand and treat it with the right cleaner to get any staining or dirt out. If you’re looking at physical damage, you can always replace a specific board without having to refinish or rip up the whole floor. Sanding a specific area can also help keep your floor looking even and fresh as long as you take the time to properly seal and buff the spot afterward.



Are Trickle Vents Really Necessary?

trickle vents are a perfect arrangement. What Are Trickle Vents? We comprehend that warm productivity is critical yet you should perceive that so is ventilation. You may scrutinize their motivation, the same number of individuals do, after all you have just put resources into protection to free yourselves of chilly air. In any case, trickle vents are intended to permit air, as the name recommends, to trickle into your home at a rate that goes unnoticed with no cool drafts. They are little openings which are coordinated into your window edge to permit air into the property without trading off the adequacy of your twofold coating, or in certainty the security of your home like an open window or entryway would. Building Regulations States That There Should Be Adequate Ventilation in Your Home Nonetheless, this doesn’t really point straightforwardly to the utilization of trickle vents. While we exceptionally suggest foundation ventilation, similar to trickle vents, which are intended to give controlled measures of ventilation to a safe and draft free condition, there are two different writes required in any building. Cleanse – The expulsion of intermittent poisons, for example, smoke and the scents from cooking, or maybe notwithstanding painting and designing, is alluded to as cleanse ventilation whereby a basic operable window or entryway will get the job done. Extraction – For rooms frequently presented to toxins, for example, the kitchen, or those where overabundance water vapor is apparent, for example, in your Bathroom, building directions recommend that lasting or irregular extraction is the response to restricting the spread of exhaust and contaminations. On the off chance that you are supplanting old windows with new twofold coating, it is imperative to note whether your unique windows include foundation ventilation. If so then you should try to incorporate trickle vents in to your new casings. Then again, if your old windows don’t have any type of ventilation, albeit achievable that they are not required by control, it may be worth considering sew in any case, particularly in rooms where wind current is essential.]]>