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Should You Get Your Bedroom Wardrobes Fitted Professionally or Do It Yourself?

bedroom wardrobes fitted by a handyman or technician from the furniture shop where you bought your wardrobe? Or should you just do everything yourself? Both options have their pros and cons which we will discuss below. If you buy high quality bedroom furniture fitted wardrobes, for example something made of solid oak or mahogany, you are probably better off paying a professional to do the installation for you. Do note that you may have to hire an outside contractor to do it, rather than hire the handyman from your local furniture shop. After all, when you buy premium quality furniture, you want everything to be perfect. You should not just source for the best quality materials; you need to also look for the best workmanship. But let’s say you bought a mid-range fitted wardrobe for your bedroom. Whether or not you should pay for the shop’s handyman depends on the cost of labour where you live. Is it expensive in relation to the value of your time? What if labour is expensive where you stay? Should you just handle the wardrobe installation yourself? That depends on how confident you are, frankly. Can you install the wardrobe with your current skills? List of tasks needed to install a fitted wardrobe:

  1. Prepare the location where you will install the wardrobe, e.g. stripping away old paint, fixing flaking plaster, removing carpeting and wallpaper.
  2. Unpack and assemble the wardrobe carcase from its packing crate.
  3. Install the carcase to the wall.
  4. Cut the scribing panels to size and install them.
  5. Install the wardrobe doors, if necessary (depends on the design of the wardrobe you bought).
None of the tasks are actually difficult. And if you have access to the right power tools, none of the tasks are particularly tedious, either. You do not even need to buy these power tools. Some are cheap, e.g. a power drill can be borrowed from friends, families or neighbours and anything really expensive can often be rented. Not to mention that you probably have tools like screwdrivers, hammers, Allen wrenches, etc. in your own toolbox. If the list of tasks needed to install your fitted bedroom wardrobe seems beyond your ability, you will have to cater for the cost of a professional installation for your new wardrobe.  ]]>

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