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The Best Way To Maintain Wood Flooring

In order to maintain your hardwood floor it is important to polish it every 2 to 4 months. Polishing is a great way to get rid of scratches and protect the finish from future damage. It adds shine and beauty to the floor. Polishing really helps to maintain hardwood flooring and keep it looking like new after decades. It is not a hard process; everyone can learn and polish floors themselves. Its a quick, easy and cheap way to maintain wooden floor. You need to choose quality products to ensure that you get the best result. Although you always have an option of getting it done by a professional

There are two ways of maintaining wooden floor: polishing and refinishing. Even though they both have the same purpose there are some differences. Polishing floor means restoring its existing finish, filling in scratches and add shininess to it, while refinishing means replacing floor’s existing finish. Before you start the process, remove all the furniture and clean floor thoroughly. Ensure that its completely dry before applying polish. You can test it on a small area of flooring before applying on the entire floor. It is recommended to use special tools like a foam roller to get the best result. In order to minimize dirt on the flooring you should clean it often. Polishes can be used several times a year, depending on the amount of traffic on your floor. It is a quick process in general but the length of time to clean and wooden flooring shop in Dubai depends on the size of the area you want to polish. Give your floor a wet cleaning with quality cleaning product and then apply and spread polish with an applicator. You should let it dry for at least an hour. It is recommended to wait for 6 to 24 hours before walking on it with socks, avoid wearing shoes during that first 24 hours. You can put your furniture back after two days.

 If you want to bring shine to your wood flooring in Dubai, Nordic Homeworx offers great products from Kährs. We provide various products for cleaning, polishing or refreshing your floor. If you want to get maintenance services done by professionals, we offer packages for deep cleaning and refreshing treatments for oiled, lacquered and wooden flooring in Dubai. Contact us and let professionals refinish or polish wood floor.


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