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Smart Home Improvements For Energy Efficient Homes

With all the innovations available nowadays, it’s no wonder how more comfortable our life has been these past few years. Thanks to the different technologies released yearly and even monthly, we are also able to lower our expenses while keeping our lives at bay. But, how?

With the use of smart home improvements, we can lower our energy cost and save more money that we can use on more important things. What more can you ask for if you already have a beautiful home that is also energy-efficient? There are lots of ways in improving your home that adapts this concept, and some of them are the following.

Toilet Seat Upgrade

Bidet toilet seats are these sleek and functional additions to your baths that are becoming more and more popular thanks to their energy-saving features. Take the Brondell Swash 1000, for example. You can quickly adjust the temperature of the water and seat warmer, and you can manipulate the amount of your electric usage. Not only that – these are a more hygienic way of cleaning your backside while reducing the amount of waste used in every toilet trip.

Improving Lighting Fixtures

LEDs, CFLs, and solar-powered LED lights have started making their way to homes these past few years, and are continuously becoming a huge trend. These are not only durable and long-lasting but are also great in preventing heat buildup in every room of the house. Because of this, one can keep the space cool and lessen the need to consume more energy through air conditioning units.

Energy Efficient Water System Installation

With water heating systems being one of your home’s most considerable expenses, it just makes sense to keep the energy it consumes to a minimum. By switching to low-flow plumbing fixtures, you get to save as you will only pay for the amount you used. The same goes for tankless water heaters.

Keep air ducts and leaks sealed

One way on how more energy is consumed is when tubes have gaps and holes that allow heated air seep into unheated space. Make sure to seal leaks as well as ducts found in places like your ceilings, floor, and walls. Don’t let a sneaky hole cost you more than what you need to pay.

Invest in programmable thermostats

One way to conserve electricity is by the strict scheduling of your home’s temperature. What better way instead of manually manipulating it? By getting your house a programmable thermostat that you can control whenever you are out for a couple of hours or so, you can effectively reduce your electricity bill.

There are more ways where one can incorporate energy saving ideas in our homes. By making the right decisions, you can put your investment to great use and get more ROIs in return. Proper planning and thorough research allows you to beautify your home while making a significant impact on your lifestyle as well as your pocket in the future.


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