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5 Important Tips for Furnace System

Not many homeowners realize it, but the level of your furnace’s efficiency, helping the system last many years, and saving money, are closely related aspects that you really should think about when considering furnace systems for your home heating.

Just like your home appliances and other machines, furnaces undergo normal wear and tear. Thankfully, when you resort to using your furnace system more efficiently, you end up saving money on your monthly energy bill and reduce wear and tear. Furthermore, if the system lasts many more years, you save yourself from the trouble and expense of replacing it with a new one. Below are useful tips to help you get the most from your furnace system while boosting its efficiency.

1.  Keep The Filter Clean

When you choose a furnace system for your home heating needs, then you should always remember to keep the filter clean. While the filter prevents dust and other dirt particles from clogging the system, it often gets filled up with debris, especially if it’s left in place for a long time. As a result, furnaces filled with debris tend to work harder to heat up a home, as they draw air through densely packed filters. This action puts a lot of stress and strain on the system.

The frequency of filter changes depends on a number of factors, including how often you resort to cleaning your furnace system, recent renovations, and whether you have pets or not. Check the furnace filter for debris on a monthly basis. If there is any dust or hair on the surface, you should immediately replace it or clean it (unless it’s a reusable one).

2.  Incorporate A Programmable Thermostat

It is simply amazing just how many homeowners in Canada do not use programmable thermostats. With this component, you can reduce your monthly energy bill and it pays for itself within a year. Victoria, BC heating and cooling contractors also recommend them because they help reduce the level of wear on furnaces.

A simple 2-day or 5-day programmable thermostat allows you to set schedules for weekdays or weekends to help lower temperatures whenever you are sleeping or away from your house.

3.  Check That Registers Are Always Open

If you wish to enjoy the highest level of efficiency from your heating system, then your furnace system should circulate air freely throughout the interior of your home. Make sure no registers are blocked by any furniture items and there is no dust covering them.

4.  Regular Furnace System Tune Ups

While HVAC specialists recommend regular inspection of furnaces, the units must additionally undergo tune-ups each year. This ensures that the systems operate at peak efficiency. A faulty component or part can put a strain on the entire system and this could lead to system breakdowns.

5.  Your Garage Door Must Be Properly Sealed

The garage door accounts for the greatest amount of energy loss in any modern home. Therefore, you need to make sure your garage door reaches the floor and no drafts come into your home through the top or sides of the door.

By applying the tips recommended above, homeowners can effectively keep their furnaces running smoothly and more efficiently through the long winter months while ensuring you stay warm and cozy for less money.


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