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Choosing Paint Colors for Your Home

Deciding on interior painting services Houston TX is a great way to freshen up a drab looking interior and an easy way to change the look of an interior. The color is an important choice in choosing to paint the interior. There are steps to follow to make sure you get the right color for you.  A starting point needs to be determined. What colors have been on the mind and would look interesting in the space being painted. Creativity is the best route at this stage. Look at the colors of other things in the space furniture, drapes, carpets, rugs, artwork, anything with color on it. Is there something that would be fun to pull out of one of those items.  After gathering thoughts on basic ideas for color, start looking at colors in those families. It can be overwhelming at first when looking at all of the different shades of yellows and blues and reds and greens and grays. There is so much to choose from and that is a wonderful problem to have. It means the space can truly be personalized. Having more choices means that there are so many more unique combinations available.  Look online or at the store. After looking online, be sure to retrieve an actual color swatch from the store. Computer, phone and tablet screens do not give colors justice. They give a good idea for color, but they are not exact. Pull a few shades from each color family that is desired, just go for it, nothing is set in stone yet.  Take the color swatches home and try them out in the space. Start weeding out the ones that are absolutely hated. Note how each color plays with the other colors in the room. Do they pull out any particular colors in other objects? Is that a desirable effect? Narrow it down to just a few choices, it is still not set in stone.  It is best to try samples of the colors on the wall. An actual paint sample gives a better idea than a tiny swatch. Go to the store and buy samples of the narrowed down choices. The samples can be applied directly on a wall or onto poster-boards that can be moved around to different areas of the room.  Let the sample linger in the room at least 24 hours. Note how the samples look at differing times of the day and at night. If any do not look right at any time of the day, discard that color. One of them will look good in the space, and if not, go back to the store and get a couple more samples. Samples are important because they are the most representative of the color in question.  It is important to take the time to peruse through swatches and take some home before making a color choice. All kinds of factors affect the actual color. Lighting is the biggest factor, and most stores have a lot more light than homes. They usually have more natural light as well. ]]>

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